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Welcome to Plane & Pilot, a unique organization that specializes in Events for the amazing flight simulator of Infinite Flight. We were founded in December 2016 by @PlaneCrazy and @PilotZerge . Since then we have expanded, hiring amazing new staff, adding new platforms and services, and creating better events in general. To learn more about our group, please select a category below.


Current Staff

Plane & Pilot has a unique staff system to help our events run smoothly. Thanks to everyone who is a part of this group for all of your work!

Previous Staff
We would like to thank all of our previous staff, who worked hard but unfortunately had to leave. We wish you luck in were ever life may take you. This organisation will never be this same without you!

Gavrilo, Gavin_Hertel, Bobby, Cormac_Rocks, IFP-DAN, and Azophor

Events (Plan Your Event Here!)

Our Events
Plane & Pilot creates events that anyone can join almost every week! They are announced on Wednesday and are usually scheduled at 1800Z on Saturday. Our organized and professional events very from races and competitions to VA promotions and classic flights. You can view a list of our previous and current events here

Your Events
Do you have a Virtual Airline, but don’t have time to host an event? Do you have an idea for an event but you aren’t sure if you can manage it? We are here to help, just fill out the form below and we will contact you and get to work on it!

Plane & Pilot: Plan an Event


Do you have any questions about Plane & Pilot? If so, please look and see if your question is answered bellow. If it isn’t just post your question below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Q= I had a negative or positive experience with Plane & Pilot, how do I let them know?
A= If you want to give feedback or make suggestion, please fill out the form below and we will try to adapt if necessary.
Plane & Pilot: How are We Doing?

Q= I want to join Plane & Pilot as a staff member, But I can’t find what positions are open.
A= If we aren’t displaying any open positions that means we don’t have any. But if you let us now we will add you to a list of future staff. We love new staff!

Q= It is after Wednesday (when Plane & Pilot usually announces events) and I can’t find the new one anywere, are you still active?
A= Although we try to create an event every week, sometimeswe need a break or are having trouble creating one.

Q= Is Plane & Pilot IFVARB approved
A= Yes, Plane & Pilot Events is certified as a virtual organization as of 10/24/17

Join Us!

Plane & Pilot is always looking for new members and sometimes staff positions become available. Look below to see what positions we are currently offering. If you want a position just contact @PlaneCrazy and @Wattsup_jet.

Join us as a member and get these benefits:

  • Automatically notified when we create a new event.

  • The ability to choose any gate or callsign you want, even if the event is full.

  • Have a better chance of having your event pictures posted on our Instagram.

  • The ability to participate in planning events.

Current members: If you are a current member and have any questions or want to participate in planning an event, please send us a PM.

1= @Dossym_Makhanov
2= @Jet_Airways_995
3= @Herman_Henttu
4= @Xpira
5= @mmartin581
6= @Robert_Estrella
7= @Livon
8= @TJ_Moss
9= @swyft
10= @Matthewk17

Thanks for checking out Plane & Pilot! We hope to see you at our future events! Before you go, would you mind rating us?

Do you come to our events?

  • Yes, and I enjoy them
  • No, because they are too early/late for me
  • No, because Plane & Pilot doesn’t do a good job organizing them
  • No, because they aren’t interesting

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How would you rate us?

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  • 5

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Do you have an idea for an event? Make sure to fill out this form!


Great stuff hope to join one of your events soon.


Hi @PlaneCrazy

Can you clarify is this an event or a VA?

If its an event, as you fit the correct TL you can post in the #live:events category however it must be in the following format:

If this is a VA; Follow this guidance:

Speak with either @neo or @JoshFly8 who are both Senior IFVARB officer.

Once you have the answer for if this is an Event or VA, The topic will need to be moved across the to the relevent category.


I have noticed this element to your thread.

I would suggest, that you speak with one of our forum moderators to see where they stand on your events. This may be an organisation, however if you are posting an event, it still needs to be in the correct format so it can be feed into the IF app.

Furthermore, if this falls now, into the category of the IFVARB, with you recruiting for pilots and staff, you may still need to speak to the IFVARB for clarity.

I hope this helps, however longwinded my response.

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Thanks Louis.

@PlaneCrazy did send me a PM a few days ago about this that I forgot to reply to, to be fair. I’ll reply now.



Beat me to it there sir! Sorry about that. Can’t wait to get a bit of my free time back next week and clean house😎

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Plane and pilot posts rides the thin line of a VA. But has been approved by IFVARB since 16.


Has this been clarified yet? @NEO
We do create events, although we do not create them on this topic. We create seperate topics in the #live:events catagory. Although I guess everybody does that.

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#Welcome @AllegiantAir! Our New Photographer
We are proud to announce that @AllegiantAir is now our new photographer!


New Website Is Up!

We are proud to present our all new website! Created by @anon36571935! We have switched the Weebly for a better and more professional site! There, you will find everything you need to know about Plane & Pilot, and you can even subscribe for updates!


Temporary closed for Global update

Plane & Pilot Events is closing to prepare for Global. We will reopen on the Tuesday after the update with a partnership event with Air Canada Virtual.


Risky move, global probably won’t be here for awhile.


Not the only group/VA to do this, global is probably going to be here sooner than most of us think.


Sorry for taking on here but I highly doubt that ;)


@JRRaviation @Overspeed We do realize that. And as @oscar_mur says, we expect that it will come soon. However, if it doesn’t come in a month, we probably will re-open. We don’t want to stay closed for 3 months. And I do feel it’s safer for us than some other VAs as we aren’t member based. We rely on the people who join our events. And most of them aren’t members. If we close and reopen, we shouldn’t have too much trouble getting back in gear.
Also, yep. This is AAT93 from Aerosync. :)


Where Should Our Global Opening Event be? You Decide!

Plane & Pilot is coming out of hibernation and preparing for our first Global event, which will be announced as soon as the update is released! Where should this event be? Let us know by voting on the poll bellow!

  • Zürich, Switzerland
  • Kai Tak, China
  • Dubai, Emirates
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Anchorage AK, USA

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Feels good to be outta hibernation. Starvin for an event lol.


Poll closes soon! Make sure to get your vote in.


Zürich Switzerland has won the poll!

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THIS is gonna be GREAT!