Plane & Pilot Events (Old Thread)

The VA looks amazing. :)


Wow, awesome photos! They are very intriguing :)


We are proud to announce that Plane & Pilot and ATC Event Group have agreed on a long term partnership! From now on, ATCEG will provide high quality Infinite Flight ATC for all of Plane & Pilot’s TS1 events.



Welcome Our new Photographer!

Today we welcomed our newest staff member, @Starley! Starley will be running our Instagram, taking pictures at our events, and helping us plan events. Make sure to follow our Instagram to see his amazing Infinite Flight photos.


Introducing our new website!

We are proud to present our new website created by our media manager and COO, @anon36571935. This website has been completely reworked from our original and is easy to navigate around.

Let us know what you think of us!

We here at Plane & Pilot strive to maintain a professional atmosphere and fully enjoyable events. If have had an experience with us that you would like to be improved or continued, or you just want to give us some overall feedback, please consider filling out this form:


Website Update!

Thanks to our media manager a COO, @anon36571935, our website now has an event calender! It is on both the our Events and Home page. On there, you can check our current and future events, their dates, and their time. In addition to the calendar, we’ve updated and tweaked a few things. We hope these updates make your experience on our website even better.


Just discovered this thread now:

Will all Plane & Pilot events take place on the training server? Or will some happen on the expert server?


It depends one what the event requester would like. We’ve done events on the Training Server and Expert Server. We can also do Casual Server events.


Yea, what Jake said. We did do quite a few events on the Expert server before our ATCEG partnership. Now, witht every Training Server Event, we have guaranteed quality ATC. We still do Expert events. If we do events that are less realistic and are more of a competition-type, then we do Casual.
A lot of our events are commissions by people and VAs, and we go off of what the requester requests. We may modify it if we think we have to.


New Community Forum!

Edit: Closed

We are very excited to announce that in order to improve our group, @jakevaz423 has created our very own community forum, using the same platform that Infinite Flight uses for this form! This will be used for event suggestions, group flights, event announcements and anything else related to Plane & Pilot, Infinite Flight and avaition. We will also be hosting a category that allows people to talk about almost anything you want!

A few things you need to know:

  • Only IFC members can join, so use your IFC username so we know it’s you.

  • We need to manually approve your account, you will receive an email when we do.

  • All IFC regulars will be automatically promoted to regular on our forum.

Make sure to join our forum! It’s completely free!


New Slack Channel!

We are very sorry to announce Plane & Pilot will be closing its community forum on June 30th, 2018. This is due to the increasing lack of activity that we’ve had in the past month. To give you an idea, only 15 different users have visited the site in the past month and only 7 have made posts. Unfortunately, it is no longer worth the time and money to run the forum.

To replace our forum, we have created a new Slack Channel. Anyone can join this and enjoy discussions and group flights with other members, plus be notified about our new events and announcements. If you want to be a P&P member, make sure to

Join our Slack!


I tried to keep the discussion alive by putting down random fun facts and casual jokes.

Didn’t go too well. 🙁

Sad to see it go. 👋


Closing for the Summer

Summer in the northern hemisphere has arrived and Plane & Pilot will be taking a break from our regularly scheduled events until early September. If you are a long time IFC or P&P member, you my remember Plane & Pilot doing the same thing last year due to busy staff and low event participation. We will be doing a similar thing this year. This is because people are enjoying outdoor activities and don’t have as much time to play Infinite Flight. Although we will not be creating events, we will continue to be active on our social medias and Slack channel, so make sure to join us there!

See you in September,
The Plane & Pilot Team d4e5a73031aca243ed31e1f8a4b518c2ec4025bb_1_500x500


Welcome Our New ATC Manager, @Cbro4!

Sadly, Plane & Pilot has had to end our partnership with the ATCEG due to them no longer doing public events. So that we can continue to have high quality air traffic control for our TS1 events, we will be opening our own small ATC team. We are very excited to welcome our newest staff member, @Cbro4, who will be managing this new team and helping us plan events. Stay tunned for more information on Plane & Pilot ATC!


Hey there :)

We would be interested in a potential alliance with you guys. Give us a message and we can discuss what options are available.

Mesa Virtual


This is fantastic! Looks like a great VA!


What a great VA, I cannot wait to participation the next event!

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Thank you! Make sure to join our Slack if you want to be notified about our events;-)


Yes, I did joined your Slack!

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