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After nearly 2 years with our current logo and graphics, we have decided to give our organization a fresh new look. Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to redesign our logo and graphics with input from our members, giving them a new and modern feel while keeping the iconic design. We can’t wait to see this new era of Plane & Pilot in full effect! Here is a list of all that we have been working on, make sure to check them out over the coming weeks:

  • New logo

  • Simplified color palette

  • Redesigned IFC thread

  • Updated website (coming soon!)

  • Improved event templates

  • Unique and high-quality graphics throughout our organization


Yep,I can see the difference! Hope to see a long future to come for Plane and Pilot!


the difference is remarkable, I wish success in your new plans


Love this new look! :O

Nice and fresh! Good luck in your future plans and endeavors


Seriously, I love this organisation, I haven’t been so active during this time I’ve been on the organisation, but I will try to join some events soon… I promise!


Check out the website guys!


Feedback would be great!


Awesome New Thread! So excited for the new ATC Teams Revamp


Great new thread and logo! In this VO I’m for almost a year and it is a wonderful experience to be here! I wish it was better and better! This is my favorite VO! 😍


Looking fresh!


This seriously looks good guys!

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As our organization continues to expand and many of our current controllers graduate to IFATC, Plane & Pilot is looking new and talented controllers to control at our training server events!

As a P&PATC member, you will have the opportunity to control at up to 2 events a week and receive feedback from IFATC members on your performance. Our large and well organized events are an excellent way to practice handling high traffic levels and controlling under pressure. We also offer performance evaluation sessions to members who are looking to improve their ATC skills and achieve higher ranks in our team. It is super easy to schedule one, and once you do members IFATC team will come out to an airport of your choice and give you feedback and tips. It is great way to get basic and consistent ATC feedback without the hassle of an ATC tracking thread.

If you feel confident in your ATC skills and want to provide ATC for TS1 events, aswell as get feedback from IFATC members to become a better controller, make sure to try out for P&P ATC! Requirements include: having over 250 ATC operations, having an ATC tracking thread with good feedback, being 12 years or older, and being able to score 60% or higher on a short written test. To get started, just fill out this form and we will contact you if you meet the requirements:



We are sad to announce that our long time ATC manager, staff member, and friend, @Ryan_Vidad, has had to resign from his position due to personal reasons. Ryan has brought so much to our group and we wish him the best wherever life may take him! @Kian_Abbasi will be taking his place as primary ATC manager and will continue to bring the exelance he does to the organization!

If you are interested in joining this amazing ATC effort, please check out the post above!


I remember that my first P&P event was a year ago on July 14th! We flew from OAK to EWR to celebrate 50,000 IFC users.
However, I joined Slack later. I am very happy that I am a member of this amazing VO! During this time I met many wonderful people! 🙏❤️


Our long time staff member and media manager, @anon36571935, has just finished completed completely overhauling our website to give it a new, professional look that matches our IFC thread. With this new design viewers will be able to efficiently find any information they need on our group, contact us through a built-in form, and view content from our social media. Make sure to check out this awesome new site and give AIDoLS a big thumbs up for his hard work!


Holy guacamole that is one good looking website. Superb job, @anon36571935! 👏


Good job @anon36571935, you did better than I ever could have done.


Over the pass few days, we have been working hard to make some changes in our management division to help improve our VO overall! Here are the changes that have been made:

  • @Peter_S has resigned from his position as COO and Slack Manager due to personal reasons. Although he will not be completely leaving P&P, we appreciate all that he has done in these positions!

  • @Kian_Abbasi, a hard working and highly respected staff member, has taken on COO position along with his other jobs, and will be the new second in command in Plane & Pilot!

  • After a long interview process, @Airbus_737 has been chosen as the new Slack Manager for the VO. He will be in charge of internal events, the moderation team, and our monthly competitions. Zach has been a part of our VO for a long time and is a great guy to be around, we can’t wait to work with him!

  • We have formed a small moderation team for our Slack to help keep it a peaceful and mature place. Our chosen team members are @Airbus_737, @Peter_S, @DiamondGaming4, and @Jens_Severin. Each member is a veteran in our VO and was handpicked for the position for his maturity and productivity.

All of these changes are effective immediately. We look forward to seeing what these new team members bring to our VO in the coming months!


Congratulations @Airbus_737, @DiamondGaming4 and @Jens_Severin!


Congrats guys. I hope you can bring prosperity for the future.