Plane & Pilot B777 Test Flight Event

Hey Everyone!

Today I was in the Plane & Pilot B777 Test Flight! It was very fun! We all used the B777-200ER! We departed out of KPAE! We had all of these cool parts of the event! We were on Casual Server! This was a very fun event! Now I will stop talking so we can get to the photos!

Here we have me and @Marcel001 doing a formation flight!

Next, we have me and @PlaneCrazy doing the banking test! This was my favorite part of the event!

Here is we are parked at the stands! After a successful event!

Lastly, here we have Mount Rainer in the background with us parked at the stands!

Which one was your favorite!

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Thanks for viewing my post!


Amazing photos, well done, @MJP_27!

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Yeah, it was great!


I love the last one! Great work :)


Honestly, either the first or the last ones should be the IF loading screen.

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I couldn’t agree more @Butter_Boi!


Thank you!

It sure was!

Thank you for the kind words!

Wow! Thank you so much!

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Great photos! Thanks for attending!

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Thank you! That event was awesome!

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