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Plane & Pilot’s moderation team is an important part of our group, helping to keep our 200+ members under control and promote productive conversation and maturity throughout our Slack. We try to keep the team as current as possible by making sure that each member is in good standing on IFC and is an active member of our group. Today we are making the following changes to insure this:

  • @InfiniteNick and @Peter_S have left the team due to inactivity. Peter is a long time P&P member and was once our COO. Nick was a very active and productive member of our Slack. We are sad to see both of them step down from service and wish them the best in their future!

  • @BigBert10, one of our most active members and 2019’s member of the year, has been selected to fill these positions. Bert has been with our VO since before our Discourse closed and was one of the first members of our Slack. We can’t wait to work with him in the coming months!

*Please note that our moderators are not considered staff, rather a group of privileged members

If you haven’t joined our flying club yet, we would love to welcome to the family! It offers an experience unlike any other and is known throughout the community for our extremely laid back approach. It was created under one simple philosophy: that you shouldn’t have to work to be in a VO, just fly and chat with other people as you please. If you want to be a part of an Infinite Flight group but don’t have time to deal with a crew center, log all of your flights and flight hours, or be super active, Plane & Pilot is the club for you! Here you can join over 200 other members and discuss anything from Infinite Flight to the weather in your area, host or join group flights with other members, or come to one of weekly events. If you would like to join us see the Plane & Pilot difference for yourself, all you have to do is enter your IFC name into the questionnaire below we will send you the invite link to our Slack. We hope to see you there soon!

Click here to join today!


Just done the application thingy so hopefully the invitation comes through soon!


Check your inbox:-)

Thanks for joining us! We look forward to welcoming you!

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Your VO has some amazing staff! Looking forward to watching it grow!
Happy Flying & see you in the skies :D


Affective today, the former official Plane & Pilot Instagram account, @planeandpilotflyingclub, will now be renamed to and used as a personal account for our CEO, @PlaneCrazy. All previous posts will deleted and the account will no longer be affiliated with our VO. We are doing this because #1: I’ve been using this partly as personal account for a while and we want to avoid confusion and #2: We want an account that is connected to the organization’s info (not my personal info) so that all our staff can access it. A new account, @planeandpilot.if, has been created to continue regular scheduled posts for the VO. Please go follow that for event notifications, event photos, photo contest winners, company announcements, and more. All followers will be followed back. Thanks guys!

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I am seriously thinking of joining

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We would be super excited to have you!


I just need to review what personal info it needs.

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@juan_tavares it would be awesome to have you! We don’t require any personal info other than your IFC account.

Please DM me if you want to join, we are having issues with our recruitment form right now.

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Okay I will probably sign up during the weekend

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Plane & Pilot is back after a month long break, and are starting off with a few staff changes:

@Airbus_737 will be leaving his position with us as COO and Slack Manager, as he is becoming less involved with Infinite Flight. He will however remain in our VO as a Slack Moderator. Thanks for all you have done for us over the past year, Zach! We wish you the best in your future endeavors!

@Sashaz55, one of our most active staff members, will be taking over as COO in order to help with upper management. He will also continue to do pattern events.

@Luke_Sta Will be moved to the Slack Manager position in place of Zach, and will help manage internal events, competitions, and our moderation team.

We are starting to do events again on a one-a-week schedule, which might increase next month (depending on attendance). This started with a farewell event from @Airbus_737 yesterday and will continue with an internal event next weekend, with a pattern event following. We look forward to flying with everyone again! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions.