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Hey IFC! Here are some more photos of virtual planes. These were some interesting and fun flights, and I think the photos turned out pretty well! I have nothing else to say except enjoy!


Aircraft: bean
Flight Time: Less than 100 hours

The first flight was from Kansai Int’l in Osaka, Japan, to Sapporo, Japan, in the Peach A320. I tagged along with @MJP_27 and @SB110.

Hey @Drummer. Departing Kansai International as Drummer is on final

Passing 2,000 feet below an ANA 772

On final, with @SB110 exiting the runway ahead

Flight #3 was from San Diego to McClellan Palomar in a Cezzna 172

A teeny Cessna departing Sandy Eggo @Rolls

Flight numero 3 was Doha - Dallas with @El_YuainXD and @Pilot_Felix in the Qatar Airbus 350

My new wallpaper on my phone is this QR A359 blasting out of Doha

Another A350 zooming with a bit of ✨blur

Over the Persian Gulf, is me and Feelicks

Golden hour ☀️

@El_YuainXD staring at me in Dallas

And finally, the beautiful tail of Qatar Airways

Well, that’s all that I have for today. I hope you liked the photos! Let me know if you enjoyed them, or tell me I’m better than @Captain_Cign.

Also, the last time you came into one of my S&V topics Drummer, you closed it, so please no 🥺 👉👈


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good photo(s)

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That must’ve been a while ago lol. Almost forgot I flew into Kansai

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Love the first and last. I really like the peach livery and Qatar tails look so well together with that nice shade of red.

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Yes everyone is better than @Captain_Cign 🤪

Lovely shots!


Yep, I think it was an FNF a few weeks ago

Thanks! The Qatar tails are beautiful.

Fact ^^^


Where’s the huge watermark? smh…

Suhas I have lost all hope for him. 🤪

Here you go

Everyone lost hope in you a while ago 😃 jk

Back in action I’ll have to like later because I have run out of likes ☹️

Slick photos Bus108

Same lol


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Much better. Could have made it a bit bigger though… Smh always sticking with the crowd… 💁‍♂️

I would say it but now I don’t want to

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Very good photos.

Cign takes better photos though 😉

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How about making it the whole picture? That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Straight lies 😂

Thank you!

We all know you’re joking :)

Another fact ^^%

Sorry I don’t remember bribing you? Huh someone must really like my photos! 😂

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Sure you can say that :)

That’s a first 🙃

Ok I’ll stop being mean