Plane not transferring

I’ve recently got a new iPhone since my old one broke and in wondering when I installed the app and restored purchases everything’s worked except the Boeing 777-300er is there any help I can get
Many thanks

Is the icon next to it red or green with an arrow?

I’m not new here I’ve done this all before its orange with a download icon but it’s telling me to purchase £3.99

IPhone to IPhone correct? Are you using the same Apple ID? Did you purchase a different 777, and forgot about it?

Yes it’s iPhone to iPhone and no my id has stayed the same and I know out of the 777’s the only one I’ve not purchased is the new 777-LR

Did you try the restore purchases button?

Did you even read the post? @gjwhite14

Are you sure you used the same itunes account to purchase the 777-300ER than the other ones?

Yes my Apple ID has not changed

If you really can’t find a fix, then contact the developers (Laura ect). They might be able to get your purchase back. If not, then they would try to give you advice.

@British-Airways thats why philippe commented.

@david should be able to help. Send him a DM (add me to it as well) providing him with purchase receipt so we can try to understand what is going on.


I think I know what happened when I got the new phone and restored my backed up items when this backup was created I didn’t buy the 777 at the time after the time of the backup I did buy so it might not have come with the backup I used
May sound confusing haha

?? But if you restore purchases…its on itunes and not on your backup file…

When you get a new Apple device, and depending on the data from how you set up the new device (previous backups etc) you will most likely run into Apples wonky restore system. Restore purchases doesn’t do anything here except sync the devices with the iTunes ID in use. You still have to download and install things. IAPs are tricky. Apple will still put you through the same process as a new purchase. However, as long as the iTunes ID being used is the exact same one as the original purchase, they cannot charge you again.
Accept the purchase and right after hitting ok, iTunes will follow up with a new message informing you the item was already purchased and can be download for free. If that message doesn’t come up, that means only one of two things, the iTunes ID is not the same as the original purchase, or it was refunded.
They can only charge repetitively for Live subscriptions so that’s a very different story.
Before anybody asks, yes I am absolutely certain of this. I’ve done it myself for years with every device change.

That should resolve things. :)


Thanks a lot for informing me with this info, gunna give it a go in a min
Thanks again

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Shall I assume all s well? :)

Yeh :) thanks a lot

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