Plane Not Landing On the Ground

Hi infintie flight, I have a problem, in online mode and in individual mode. Whenever I try to land the plane becomes Glitch is not landing the plane on the ground down in the ground I hope to solve the problem of landing

Hey there @Thamer_Al_Ghamdi, try to:

  1. Restart your Internet Connection.
  2. If not, Restart the App.
    Upload some Images to see how its your problem, the more information, the better!
    Where does your airplane land, if it is not on ground?
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Hey try to clear you scenary cache too


Hi there mate!
Try the following;
Make sure that you’re on a stable wifi/internet connection.
Go to settings and clear your scenery cache.
Make sure that you don’t have airplane mode on. Hope these help!

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Can you send a screen shot of the issue you are seeing? That will help people from throwing out random ideas. It sounds like you may be landing too hard and stuck in the ground but I may be wrong. A screen shot would help tremendously.

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