Plane not following waypoints during second flight

Hey yall,

This might be a simple fix or a known issue or something to that effect. But here’s the deal, when I am flying, lets say from LAX-SFO, I file a flight plan. When I land in SFO, say I want to fly to SEA so I tack that plan on to the original one or completely start it over. My issue is that when I am in the air again, the plane won’t pick up the second flight plan and ends up heading a random way. Again, this may be a stupid mistake im making but I thought id put my question out there.

Thanks yall

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Did you reset your NAV source to GPS after landing?


No I didn’t ill try that

Yes, this is likely the issue. If you performed an ILS approach or otherwise switched from your GPS source, your plane will no longer follow your flight plan, it will follow that approach from your last flight.


Ohhh ok that makes a lot of sense, thank yall so much!!


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