Plane not flying straight in IF

I’ve been playing IF for a few months now and recently I’ve been flying long haul flights. But sometimes my aircraft won’t fly straight, it looks kinda wonky. I mean the plane is sort of flying sideways, I don’t know what is causing the problem.


It’s completely normal if you have sidewinds :)
Then the aircraft will crab to counteract the winds.


Jet stream winds.

it is winds that are causing the problems.

This can also happen during landing when your noise point way off the runway but still descending and making your landing on the right direction

Is your rudder stuck? If you are holding down on the rudder and pause, talk to atc, or open the navigation, the rudder will stick the way that it is facing.

Check the wind indicator and I’ll guarantee you have a crosswind. If you are using NAV, your plane will have a track offset to point the nose slightly into the wind to keep on course.

This isnt a problem, its is just the aircraft correcting for wind.

Thank you so much! I was afraid I was doing something wrong at first…LOL!

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