Plane Nosediving to Ground

I was on final at KIAH in a 787-10 Dreamliner. I was flying from Taipei to Houston, when I was on final, I disabled LNAV, since I was performing a crosswind landing. I calibrated, and right as a clicked the LNAV button, my plane started nosediving to the ground. I had enough fuel and wasn’t heavy. It was at the end of a 15 hr flight. I tried calibrating my plane, but it kept on nosediving. I don’t know what happened.

How was your trim. I’ve crashed on final a long time ago even though I calibrated but didn’t use trim.

40% trim like a normal landing.

How was your speed? How high did you disable it too.

150, I’m sending the replay really soon. Problem, this flight, I lost connection and couldn’t get it back, so I don’t have the replay. It was quite a glitchy flight.

That sounds odd because LNAV shouldn’t make the plane nosedive. That’s lateral navigation meaning it only controls turning and not the pitch

Yes, that’s what I was thinking, VNAV was off as well, I was going to handfly.

So we’re you controlling pitch manually then?

Yes, but I was calibrated, so I wasn’t really expecting a nosedive.

Ok so your using LNAV only and controlling pitch completely on your own. When LNAV was disconnected it nosedived.

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Yes that is what happened.

Hmm that sounds very odd being you were controlling pitch already and LNAV shouldn’t do anything. When you disconnected LNAV did you have any control of the plane?

Yes, I was holding my device so that I would continue flying smoothly after disconnecting the autopilot.

So when you nosedived you couldn’t control the plane at all?

No, I tried recalibrating and moving my device all over the place, with no response.

That is really weird. There is a glitch on solo where the plane will say it’s calibrated but it really isn’t. I’ve never had it on live and it sounds different. Unfortunately I don’t have any more answers and would wait for a staff to reply.

I’m flying on solo right now, first flight since the issue, and on short final the same problem is happening.

Hmm. It almost does kinda sound like the issue I said above

As soon as I hit the short final button

Solo always does that. You have to quickly add more thrust to avoid the plane from missing the runway or hitting it too hard.

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