Plane names and Date font

For photoshop purposes does anyone know the font of the Names of the planes and dates?

Can you give some details like the Plane & Livery?

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Uhh when you go into the plane selection menu you see the names what font are the names

Most likely Arial, or Calibri. I’m sure a staff can confirm soon…


Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky:

Only a little over 2000 to browse through.

EDIT: (Apparently I don’t try to find fonts often enough [i.e. never] Trio’s method is infinitely better…)

Use this site.

What? You think that’s easier than browsing all the fonts? Psshaw.

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Ah thx for al the answers i’ll Jut do callibri or Ariel a mod may close this now thanks guys!

Yes it is, took less then 30 seconds. It didn’t recognize the one “s” but it found a font equivalent.

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Omg thanks bro!!!

Hopefully you’re petending to have missed my sarcasm…