Plane moving a direction without you moving anything

This has happened to me a few times and I do not know how to fix this problem. I usually have to restart my whole flight and if I don’t during landing my plane does the same thing.

You may be experiencing a good amount of wind pushing you in the direction it’s going. Without proper inputs, your aircraft will drift with the wind.

Most of the time this happens with little wind, not enough to push the aircraft.

If your parking brakes are off, it’s probably wind, as said above.

I’ve had something like this happen before actually. Does your plane seem to glitch in a direction and then at some point return?

Is your device calibrated correctly in a comfortable position?

Something like that it usually returns in mid fight to normal, but it is like I am not on control of the turning . One time it was so extreme I had to apply full rudder to keep it straight on the taxiway.

Yes I always calibrate it in a comfortable position.

Is this with all aircraft or just a few?

You are probably taxiing to fast. When turning on a taxiway, I like to decrease my ground speed to around 10 kts.

All aircraft

It’s not just taxing it’s also pushback takeoff and landing

Should I contact a mod about this?

What device and OS are you using?

Before we go and contact mods separately about this let’s try and trouble shoot this here. Just a bit of wind can definitely shift your aircraft during takeoff without proper aileron and rider inputs.

An I pad and OS 13.5

But it is also during pushback and taxiing

Check out Infinite Flight’s tutorials. See if there is something you are or are not doing in terms of aircraft inputs, speed, and maneuvering.

Can you go into more detail and provide an example? This will help grasp your situation better so we can assist. :)

Alright thank you guys for the help.