Plane movies that make you scared


This video is so unrealistic


I think Pearl Harbor is a bone breaker of scary plane movies.


Snakes on a plane 😂 seriously though 😱😩


Cast Away, I rember watching that when I was in my last year of primary school, such a long time ago am I right thinking the aircraft that crashed was Fedex?


airport 1975 and airport 1977


Yes it was FedEx

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This is actually a tv show but it’s 45 minutes long. Mayday, a Canadian plane crash documentary, known in other countries as air crash investigation, documents a lot of plane crashes. This doesn’t necessarily make me scared, but some things just give me chills. I remember when I was young I was watching the Helios airways (airlines?) episode, which was about cabin depressurization, the episode was titled ‘ghost plane’ which made me and my sister flee upstairs in terror. The eastern 401 ghost part also made us scared. But it’s educational!


Does air disasters count it really gets you to the edge of your seat!


If I had a penny for every time that movie was made fun of on Instagram…

Please look up realistic ATC procedures if you think this is real though, this movie is so inaccurate it looks like they did zero research (which is probably the case). If this happened, the pilots would have their licenses revoked along with the controller who wouldn’t be able to find another job. The only scary plane movie I can think of would be the Pearl Harbor one as other people have mentioned.


What movie do you mean?


Saw it a long time ago, think it was the 2001 one.


Which movie?


Oh you mean the one one I first mentioned? I have no idea, but I’ve seen that clip 1000 times. It’s in the OP’s post.

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Probably that plane movie with Jodie Foster. I thought planes have secret areas after that. Like you can’t locate someone on a plane. Wow


The true story Alive . What an amazing story and movie. A true testament of survival.


“If a real air traffic controller did that, they’d be in jail within the hour.”


‘Conair’ the movie has Nicolas Cage as main character and I saw it when I was little like 9/10 years old. Because of the context it really scared me I mean I was too little and the movie its a bit violent.
Anyways I recomend you to watch it.


When I was 3.y.o, BEE movie came out, and it scared me how unrealistic the plane scene was. I was laughing and crying from laughter on how they try making these kids movies. I always hated kids movies involving plane scenes. Anyways, the first thing that scared me was that the plane was presumingly trying to be a A340 or 707 or DC-8. (Looked nothing like them). Secondly the planes’ controls were not where they were meant to be. Also what goes with that THERE IS NO EVACUATION SLIDE OR WHATEVER INFLATED AT THAT TIME IN THE COCKPIT!!! and it’s not inflated with a big red button. To continue, Aircrafts instruments can’t be smashed to pieces by lightning. even if they magically went down, there are always primary controls and an APU. To conclude, my great finale. Bees can’t land a commercial jetliner. Sorry for acting like a crazy person but it scared me for its realism problems.

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