Plane moves to a side when landing manually

Hey, upon landing the aircraft after the touch down and all smooth but after flare the aircraft just moves towards either left or right. The speed is 170 and flaps reversers spoilers all set. Why does this happen ?

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Hi @Captain_Dreamliner

170kts is too fast at touchdown. You should be aiming between 120-150kts based on your aircraft - what aircraft were you flying?

What are the winds like? How much rudder are you using


Thanks for letting me know. Done!

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a320…flaps full…one time there was cross wind…the other it was clear


With the A320 family you should be landing between 120kts and 135kts depending on weight.

If there were crosswinds then you need to apply some rudder in order to not veer off to the side.

Hope that helps and HAPPY FUTURE LANDINGS

Captain BennyBoy

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oh ok…but how do you know the landing speed according to the weights of particular aircrafts ?

You can do calculation by using a formula by looking on the internet

No not the precise speeds but you can easily look that up. If you are below MLW, then 125-130kts should be fine

okay…I’ll look up on that

oh ok…is it ok to use heading to land the plane precisely ?

Yes but as you get better dont use it as its more fun to try and stay on heading.

okay…I land the plane using heading sometimes even on touchdown…


This might be useful reference to get you started, happy landings!

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ok will read through

Definitely use the rudder before the nose wheel touches down to prevent that from happening. Also, kind of a fast landing.

oh…the speed I still don’t know how to calculate…but aligning with the runway I usually get it perfect but as soon as I touch down the aircraft moves to another direction

Generally, 130 knots is a good starting point for most airliners in this game. 737s, 787s, and A340s you may be a bit slower, A380s, B747s, and A330s a bit faster. Your nose is moving because of the crosswind. The nose will always want to point into the wind, so let’s say you have a wind blowing from your left. Your nose will want to point left when you touchdown. So, to combat this, you need to apply rudder towards the right. It may not turn you right, but it will keep you going straight. Once you get below around 100 knots or so, the plane will stop trying to go into the wind (there is not enough lift) and you can release the rudder

Ok…thank you!

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I prefer to turn off whole autopilot at 50ft and land fully manually. So maybe you should also turn off heading autopilot.

170 kts is not good enough for landing. You should land at 480 kts.