Plane makes an emergency landing due to farting passenger

Believe people have no class anymore…


That must have stunk ;)


Man, that is just too much, what is the airline industry come to ever since he united incident…


There has been a spike in situations like these especially in American Airliners and it needs to stop

Change the title please. Click bait is annoying (:


What’s so wrong about people needing to fart. It’s pretty much normal to everyone.


Oh there was a fight, makes more sence, I thought the pilot was like “ok he has farted 28 times, 3 over the legal limit, we need to land!”


What has happened to the worlds sanity?

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What was the title before?

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Pretty insane, I wouldn’t resist a Dubai to Amsterdam flight with a guy who consistently farts next to me :/

I am pretty sure an American flight diverted to RDU due to a farting passenger a little bit ago.

I guess it’s safe to say that you should fart BEFORE boarding the plane. But seriously, why did a fight started over a passenger farting. At least try to find another seat or just ignore the smell (which would be very hard to do) instead of fighting.

The farting guy was refusing to stop, they probably could not move seats because it was most likely a full flight. I mean seriously though, it isn’t that hard to go to the lavatory.

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Not saying violence is the answer but I have been on several flights with farting passengers and it is very annoying and inconsiderate since the air is recycled in the air.

My apologies. Won’t happen again.

Wow, this is so funny but yet so sad at the same time. Violence is not the answer, however under the circumstances of the overpacked plane, recycled air, and countless time of direct requests, I see how the the fight broke out. I would also get pissed, if a middle age fat man continueously kept letting them rip. ( I would probably lock him in the bathroom 👍)

I tooted in the tub once. It made bubbles 🤷🏻‍♂️


Farting is normal to human beings. You can’t stop farting all of a sudden if your tummy feels sick or something. All you can do is pray for the best

Hopefully people learn how to be more tolerant for others


However this man was actually helping others with health benefits. Within farts there is hydrogen sulfide ( a gas which is produced naturally in our bodies in small amounts, found in our farts). Hydrogen sulfide helps reduce risks of getting cancer, heart attacks and strokes, as well as preventing arthritis and dementia in old age, as well as helping to preserve mitochondria. So I guess this man had a really good reason to let them continueously rip.🙃

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This is stupid but funny