Plane loses its $368 million cargo of gold, platinum and diamonds on takeoff.

As A Nimbus Airlines AN-12 was taking off from Yakutsk, the cargo door detached and the aircraft’s cargo of 10 tonnes of Gold, Platinum and Diamonds came out of the plane.

The cargo is at most 26 kilometers away from the runway. The runway has been closed due to a police search.

The aircraft landed at nearby Magan, which is 26 kilometres north west of Yakutsk.

All pictures credit to the Siberian Times.


Wow! Right now if I lived in that area, I’d be scrambling to find as much of it as I can, even though it’s closed off…


A penny saved is a penny earned, a penny taken… well you’ll get burned.

Karma 101 ;)


I am pretty sure they would have identifying tags as a means of tracking those items. So if you took it expect the authorities at your door lol.


Please happen at GLA please happen at GLA.

What a rare event! Plane door flies off and out comes riches!


I wonder what happened to make the cargo door to fall off.

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That doesn’t matter! As long as there are a lot of riches! XD

Yeah, I’m curious too.

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368 Million USD. Wow, what an unbelievable platinumber. I diamond some answers to the question of how this could have happened.

That joke was gold.


Out of all the things to loose on a plane… I reckon there was an ex Ryanair pilot at the reins…

Cha ching a ling ding! 💸
That’s a lot of precious materials.

Where was the plane going?

The plane was en route to Krasnoyarsk and further to Kupol (Dome) mine.

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Lol this sounds like something you see in a video game

I feel bad for the airline, they lost a few hundred million from just a cargo door
poor lads

Don’t steal gold from the Russians… I don’t think they’d let you off at all.

Well, we all know that that Pilot was once a Ryanair Pilot 😂

How do you explain that to your boss

“Yeah hi, it fell out”
“What do you mean it fell out”
“it fell out the bottom on takeoff”

If you think you’re having a bad day…

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There goes all the money I need to pay for an education.

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