Plane Loading Bug Report

When in the Plane selection page Planes don’t load correctly. I am on an iPhone X running iOS 13.0 (17A5547d) and Infinite Flight Version 19.03.01. Not sure what the best way to share a 18-second screen recording is so I sent it to with the subject ‘Bug Report ZB1423’

Are you running the iOS 13 beta? If so, bugs are to be expected since its not a supported OS.


iOS 13 is BETA and isn’t fully supporting Infinite Flight. This is a known issue


Yes I am running the public beta. Even though it isn’t supported, the devs should still be informed, right? can’t possibly hurt.

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It’s a beta. There’s no need to make IF support iOS 13 since it will change (it’s not the final product.)

Ah i see. Just trying to help haha

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I’ve seen the message you sent and I’m not sure it’s an iOS issue. More of a connection problem.

If anyone with iOS Beta can check if the livery is changing as it should when you toggle between different ones in the aircraft selection screen, please do :)

I am not ruling out the connection problem, however I was connected to the internet and was able to load a flight at reasonable speed after w/o any trouble

Just to clarify, are you not seeing aircrafts in the Selection list at all?

If this happens, I suggest restarting the app, check, and then reinstall the Infinite Flight.

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