Plane Lights

Why I don’t want night flights cause I don’t see my plane and where I’m going to taxi, also I think the developers can add some lighting to it so IF can be one of a high quality product for avation lovers, it will be a good investment. Please do help me reach this to the developers. Happy Flying!

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Hey! I see you are new here! This should be posted in the #features category! Unfortunately you are TL1 and you must be TL2+ to make a feature request. Keep commenting and coming back and you will get there! Otherwise this is would be very cool to have! Welcome to IFC!


There are countless feature requests for things like this, I suggest you use the underrated SEARCHBAR to look for a topic and vote for it! 😉


As other community members mentioned, have a look in the Features category. Cast your vote and tell us what you like in the individual threads. We look forward to seeing your votes!

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