Plane Lands Full of Sick Passengers

What sort of sick? Vomit? Nausea? Or what else?

They stated sick from turbulence, not the food 😂

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I knew that you meant sick from turbulence. What I meant was what sickness they got from turbulence. FEO (For Everyone’s Information) You can end up vomiting from nausea from turbulence just like seasickness.

Motion Sickness 😉

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Wow. Gross.

Or is it “Gross. Wow.”?

I have c-diff. If I so much as use the bathroom on that plane people wouldn’t know what hit them.


I’m so glad you shared this with us (☞゚∀゚)☞


People actually get that? Lel

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I can only imagine the awful feeling. Dozens? Wow I feel bad for them. On a flight a while back I heard some people throwing up after we hit hard turbulence but like four max. Not dozens.

This was a Delta Flight, it wasnt the turbulence, but the food. lol

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Guess they shouldn’t have had the fish.

Seriously, glad everyone is on the ground.


It was sick mate init.

Seriously? "Full of"
Unless you’re telling me that the flight only had 12 people on board, which isn’t the oh look a butterfly

(don’t get my joke? click here :P)


Wow delta is loosing its customers

Well, of course they got sick.
They were flying on an A330.
I get sick looking at it:-(


I didn’t know people can get sick from turbulence. Nice to learn something new.

Ugh. Once the waft of puke starts spreading in the cabin…many of the passengers who aren’t sick yet will soon be puking themselves 😵😷

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That was my thought as well, only one passenger actually got motion sickness and the rest were the domino effect 😂

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