Plane landing on runway while I'm landing and getting on the road

I was approaching VHHH runway 07L and this man was flying almost into me with much more speed than me. During my landing roll he touched down on the same runway. Moreover when taxiing he crossed my taxiway line with high speed which should be noticeable on the pics. I don’t want to tolerate this kind of behaviour and I report this, it’s going more ridiculous sometimes in expert server. Thank you for your attention.

(upload://ktpcdL5QLK94dfRv7d3nJ9K7N6t.jpeg) 7 on.

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This is sadly something most of us experience everyday on the expert server, and without the IFATC not much can be done about it.

There was a feature request for stricter rules but has since been closed with misha noting that they now have enough feedback to make the necessary changes:


30 kts is actually within taxi speed limits lol
But yeah this kind of stuff is annoying.

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