Plane landing lights

Sorry to post this here couldn’t see to get a new topic option in the place where you suggest things :)

So you know how in real life a planes landings lights can be see from about 100 ft in the air downwards right (correct me if I’m wrong would like to learn the distance of the lights)… but u see how in IF you can hardly see the light 1cm ahead of you…was wondering could his be a small change in which would to be honest take landings in the dark a more realistic experience ? (I mean lights illuminating onto the runway takeoff and landing)

Would love to hear people thought - Nate :)


What do you mean? Are you talking about the lights illuminating the ground in front of you? If that’s what you mean, that feature is currently not modeled @TheUnluckyDucky

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Yes should add that

Perhaps make a feature request about it :)

Hey im pretty sure that with Project metal IF will be reworking their lighting system

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Mhm we’ll see was just a suggestion 🤷🏽‍♀️


Hey mate! At the moment this unable to happen in IF at the moment, but with Project Metal a whole new world will open up in terms of lights and illumination, so stay tuned ;) It is slowly being rolled out, I don’t know when it will fully be in the sim tho

Yeah I can’t a tried :(


Keep contributing to the forum, once you’re TL2, make a feature request! I can’t wait for new lighting.

I know but it would b a cool thing am I right!


Yea it’s gonna be awesome, can’t wait :)

Same it will literally take iOS/ATC simulation for flight sims to the next level

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There’s actually a feature request to make the lights actually realistic and illuminate things! Check it out here, and cast your vote.

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Thanks mr Boston man! hehe sorry that’s gonna stick from now on lol see you soon now grade 3 again 🥳

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Hey @TheUnluckyDucky!
What you are looking for is the #features category. You cannot post there until TL2 as mentioned above, but posting in the wrong category is definitely not the way to go. This makes it harder for moderators who will have to come and close this topic, so in the future just make sure to post in the right category. Thanks!

I’m sure they’ll be fine after all it’s a community ideals should be allowed like I said I knew I was doing it in the wrong category hence to why I put it…it wasn’t on purpose :)

Its just in past instances like this Mods have never been happy.

Tbh it sums this meme up image excuse the language at the end


You can also vote here (not same as above one)

Omg lol I just reached level 2 😂