Plane keeps veering to the right when landing and taking off

I dont know why but every time I takeoff or land, my plane keeps veering to the right. I have auto coordination off which is supposed to solve the issue but it didn’t.

I tested it out at JFK before I did my flight and had 2 flaps, spoilers armed, and calibrated and it took off perfectly fine. But when I did my actual flight, mind you I had everything the same way and took off from the SAME airport. I ended up veering to the right.

Can someone please tell me what’s going on and help me because it’s making it seem like I’m not a good IF pilot when I been flying for damn there 3 years now.

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it could be the wind

There are most likely winds causing the veering, as expected.

This will only fix the issue if you actually use the rudder and yoke to counter the crosswind - otherwise when doing nothing, having it off or on doesn’t make a difference :)

Watching this video should be a nice tutorial


So how come when I took off in solo it was perfectly fine? Is the weather different in different servers?

in solo you can set the weather to whatever you want. i’m guessing it’s calm when you’re in solo. any of the three multiplayer servers use real life weather.

That makes sense, how do I know if the wind is strong though. I’m at TXXF right now and it says the wind gusts are 0 knots, so am I good or no?

There was this one time it veered into the taxiway

thats what happens to me lol

It could be the winds. Also, make sure to calibrate before takeoff, that might help as well

Your plane is veering left or right due to winds. Use your rudder to go against these winds, keeping you as aligned as possible with the runway. Take a look at the wind speed, and direction. This will give you an idea of what direction you need to slightly turn the rudder.

Hope this helps.

Aleron and rudder into the wind to keep centerline

Here is some discussion from the users guide:

Thank you all for the help, my takeoffs are much better now! This can be closed