Plane jolts and turns when taking off and landing

When practicing my takeoffs and landings in an SR22, the plane would then jolt to the left during takeoffs and landings. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

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What are the wind conditions?

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Use your rudder to keep the plane centered. Make sure that you have a steady and stable device position when you calibrate! If you have the device offset from where you had it when you calibrated this will cause the aircraft to pitch, yaw and deviate from the original calibrated axis.


7 kts to the northeast

Okay thanks! Maybe thats it.

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I think this should be in the support category. Anyways, everything everyone else said is your best bet :)

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#support is for issues that IF has, not somebody who needs help with a part of the game.
Unless his game is broken it should stay in #general.


Make sure auto coordination is off also otherwise your tilt will control the rudder


Cool I should have known that sorry

Well how did the recommendations work out for you this evening? Did you square away your calibration and utilize the rudder?

At this point i believe i am experienced enough to know weight balance, rudder controls, etc. essentially i can fly great but as of a week ago i started to notice that on every take off and landing my device once i start to get airborne still jolts to the left and on landing as well on every aircraft & especially the a340 it seems as funny as it has this problem the worst and when i touch down nomatter how much i tilt and move my rudder to the right it usaully ends in my aircraft spinning at 145knts to a dead stop in reverse (no reverse thrusters because i dont have enough time until im sideways. I recalibrate often and i have never had this problem before, also winds are strong at times but as my three tests of this the wind was either exactly towards me or going from behind.

Double check your inputs in settings and make sure everything is set to normal.

Already done and double checked

Try engaging and disengaging Autopilot as is sounds like there is an issue with your phones gyroscope.

I know the issue and it only occurs (for me) in the Cirrus SR22. The reason why the plane turns is that you are taking off/landing too fast. It happens to me and does not have anything to do with the gyroscope.

EDIT: I’ve just done some testing in the SR22 and found that inputting slight roll movements will cause the SR22 to go out of control at about 80-90 knots. Keep your device as straight as possible and it shouldn’t move. Also, I’ve found that using flaps 10 on takeoff in the SR22 can contribute to these jolts, so try taking off at about 60-75 knots depending on weight.

Unfortunately i took it into my carrier today who opened some kind of testing system via lightning cable to pc and tested the gyroscope (i didnt just do this for IF, trying to get a new one anyway) but it suprised me that no problem was found with the device, i tried deleting & redownloading IF, & after that redownload my aircraft is shaking as if i have been flying for four hours straight (it shakes after awhile) & the actual taxi lines looked like waves going left to right, yet once again my device was tested and cleared as “perfect condition”

Wonderful! Thanks so much!

Dependent on the winds really, I have flown the SR22 IRL it tends to twist when you surpass the VR speed also point the ailerons into wind and when your about 70 Knots you want to straighten them up the rotate at 75, then maintain 95 knots in your climb.

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