Plane jiggling

My plane was just wobbling from side to side and no turbulence at all

What was your altitude and total load

37,000 ft and 80k load

Could you state your airspeed and aircraft?

You should start a bit low when you are heavy and gradually climb to higher altitudes

M0.85, and A359

how long was your flight

11 hrs, its still going

Its the weight of the plane. Suggest to start lower and climb gradually as you become lighter

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We’re you in the ground out in mid air if you were on the ground it was probably windy

middair, no wind

Hmmm when you put weight on your plane is it synchronized or all together

I meant do you turn synchronized off?

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huh? what is that?

Go to weight and balance and you will go to cargo then you will see a small check mark

oh dunno hah

Hey! This is probably due to the aircraft being too heavy and too high all at once. Step-climbing is important, especially on long-hauls.

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a useful guide on how to step-climb:

Personally, I level off and burn some fuel right after I’m above RVSM airspace (so around FL290 or FL300, depending on the direction) before stepping up to the next “step.”


Your plane’s weight is probably unbalanced. Before you takeoff, make sure to double check you fuel, cargo, and passenger amounts. You should also try step climbing, I believe you can find it on IF’s YouTube channel.

-F/O Lee
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