Plane icons appearing in Solo

I decided to pop in IF to mess around for a bit, until I saw these plane icons:

Of course, no planes actually appear when you spawn in, however it’s odd that these icons appear in Solo (and especially odd that they appear for someone without a subscription).

Device: Samsung Galaxy S10
Operating system: Android 11

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Known issue. Will be fixed at some point.



The IF staff team is aware of this and are working on a fix.

Going forward, make sure to search up the topic you plan on posting before doing so. We don’t want duplicate topics roaming around. This is the same topic I posted a few days ago: Aircraft on Solo Map


Yep noted since release date

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This is a known issue! It’s a bug!:) I had the same as you once!;) There already is a topic about this!:D
Aircraft on Solo Map

Great feedback and input everyone. Common thing noticed now with support tickets. Once one or two users provide necessary answers and information to the given user, usually further input is not required (unless proven helpful or new).

Typically in tickets most of the info is just repeated over and over formulated in just different explanations and can make it harder for the team or other users to understand the ticket if there is to much clutter in #support topics. Glad you all have each others backs and are here to support! That’s something in all my years here that I enjoy seeing here on the community.

No one did anything wrong, and not trying to spoil the moment or all, just trying to help improve efficiency where it can be. Also, makes it easier for the team in the long run with helping our community and bringing more effective and timely service to our devices and experience. :)

Also refer to what @JSRibs28 mentioned about reviewing topics before posting. This might seem helpful to some users!

Happy New Year all here from New York! ✌️


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