Plane heading an others infos

Hello, i’m new on the ATC (only 210 operations), but i don’t know where the headind is written on the map to quickly see it ?

I’ve literally only controlled once, but I’m pretty sure that if you tap on the plane you’ll see it’s heading.

Hello! You can check an aircrafts heading by tapping the plane icon and then “details”

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Just tied this but i need to click on “show information”. Maybe it’s the only way. Thanks.

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Out of curiosity, why would you need to know their heading?

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The most common reason to check an aircrafts heading is to ensure they are following instructions correctly and if not take action as necessary.


On tower the only place you’ll be able to see heading is the “aircraft information”, and that will show their true heading not magnetic heading.

On approach you’d need to either check by using the drag and vector to get their magnetic heading or check their “aircraft information” for their true heading.


Heading isn’t clearly visible. If you’re Approach, you should have a pretty good idea and mental compass (for lack of a better word) in relation to the field. For example, if I’ve given someone base heading, it’s fairly evident if they’re too shallow or too wide. If given downwind heading, it’s again fairly evident if they’re running parallel or not.

Farther out, you may use the click and drag vector to check their general heading. Again, having a pretty good idea of where you intend for them to go is paramount, and makes it easy to see if they’re headed that direction.

There are no heading instructions to follow on Tower, as Tower can’t give heading instructions.


Ok, thanks to everyone for your help !😁

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