Plane going out of control

So today when I tried doing a flight in a Southwest 737-700 from KSFO-KLAX I had departed and pressed the 5X speed button. As soon as I did this the plane went out of control.
It started turning and the wings started flexing like crazy.
I’m on 21.1 with everything on High.

Also I tried to upload a replay file but for some reason it did not want to work.

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Had the same thing happening but for me it was often overspeeding because i was at 100% throttle and no Autopilot Speed engaded so might be the same for you but if not i dont know.

I had autopilot speed engaged for it. M 0.79

Well im not sure if u actually had this problem but the rear times i did this in solo its because the airspeed was too much and i assume the plane is not supposed to be going that fast causing that wing flex

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