Plane going off the runway

Why is it whenever I land the plane always either goes to the left or to the right?


Hey! Sorry for the inconvenience. Do you have a crosswind component when landing by any chance? Crosswind landings require lots of rudder and aileron corrections to keep you aligned with the centerline. This is common to occur when these corrections aren’t made.

That always happen to me @Mayar

It could be cross wind it’s the case for most not understanding it.

Adding to what @infiniteflight_17 said, use rudder on landing to control your centerline. Crosswind or even headwind can effect your aircraft’s centerline.

This video helped me a lot. Make sure to check it out!

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You are most likely landing with either a lot of even a little bit of crosswind. My solution to this is to use rudder and a bit of ailerons and the aircraft will keep centerline.

I can send a video in a little bit to show you what I’m talking about

Also me the infinite flight multiplayer weather engine is broken 😂

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No. It’s not right now lol

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