Plane going backwards

This bug happens when you use reverse thrust and tap the atc sign.
You plane automatically goes backwards due to reverse thrust and doesn’t stop at 30kts.
Here is a image on what happens.

If you want a replay of what happened here’s the replay

This seems to happen when you are using any control (such as the rudder or reverse thrust) or changing any value (Trim, A/P, etc…) and then accessing the ATC Menu while still performing that action.

Not sure when it will be fixed though…

It is not a bug it’s a feature.


It’s not a feature, please explain how is this a feature.

I think the plane going backwards is something that shouldn’t be happening with the reverse thrusts but I could be wrong. One thing I do know is that some features can work simultaneously together. For instance, if you’re putting input on the rudder and at the same time you happen to click on the map or ATC icon, the input on the rudder will still be there despite you not having your finger on the rudder anymore. I believe the same thing works with the reverse thrust as well

Basically when you use ATC the game automatically keeps your last input (e.g., rudder or rev thrust)

Hmmm. Sounds like fun. You’ve got me wondering if you can fly backwards.

It doesn’t stop at 35kts

Yeah check my replay it’s too sus to fly like that

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