Plane goes into ground at KLAX

I just got downgraded to grade 3 for an aerobatics violation, only the problem is my aircraft just started to spin into the ground and do God knows what maneuvers. Anyway I can change this?

Edit: It just happened again at the exact same spot, aircraft goes into the ground. Any way to fix this?

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Send a PM to @appeals with your replay shared on

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Oh my god I just deleted it

Ok seems like ima have to get myself back up to grade 4 lol

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Hey! Actually the correct people to contact are @moderators as @appeals are for only level 2 and 3 violations. :)



Yea I’m guessing this is the only way they can help? I just deleted my replay so Ima just have to get myself back up to grade 4 I guess

Yeah unfortunately you’d most likely need your replay as evidence that there was a mishap.

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Do y’all know if the atc can send his replay to me by any chance? I was at KLAX just now and there’s a ground controller online, he probably can send it but would it help as evidence

Oh well damn

Level 1 violations are not turned around. They are mostly caused by pilot mistake… you should have ended the flight I think. Good thing is that you only have to wait one week to get your old grade back!

Yea it just happened again at the exact same spot before. Could this be a bug? Luckily I ended the flight on time

Might be. Reach out to a staff member if you really think it is (or just message @appeals like advised before).

Gotcha, thanks

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Hi, ground controller here. I’ll dig through my replay and see if I can help. Thanks.