Plane gets way off course

I’ve been having an issue where as I approach the Antarctic on autopilot, I leave it for an hour or two and my plane decides to go way off course. Is this due to the degree heading getting closer and closer to the South Pole? Is it something to do with the magnetism of the South Pole? Any advice is taken!


Remember to turn on LNAV.

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Thanks for contacting support.
Sometimes this happens if you don’t have LNAV on. Do you use LNAV?

I’m not sure - I just click the autopilot button and adjust the heading

There’s a button above all the others that says NAV/APPR. Select it and you should be good.

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Wrong. You have on LNAV. If not, you have no hope if you want to leave your device.

Ok, thanks! And to @Wattsup_jet