Plane_geek_101’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@N/A PASSED PRACTICAL!

My other thread is not editable anymore so this is my new one.
I want to sharpen my skills for ATC so please come by!
Total Ops:2,035
Please stop by for patterns!
Tower and ground control will be open


Now open at KDAL/DAL

Pretty good just a couple of things on my first RWY change the aircraft I was following was on a obvious left base not final also, You didn’t need to tell N776DL I’ll call your base when there was more than enough space for the departing aircraft to take off without having to call N776DL’s base. Also you missed my exit RWY instructions but maybe that was cause of my god awful landing. Overall good job just some minor details.

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Thanks for the great feed back!
I did the “I’ll call base” because I wasn’t sure if that departure person was going to take a long time to takeoff. The rest was on me.
Thanks for stopping by @OL-SARGE

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Now Closed

Good job, everything was spot on except for a few minor things…

  • As @OL-SARGE said the “I’ll call your base” was not needed, especially since he was in a fighter but if you were worried you could have used the cleared for immediate takeoff rather then having to issue multiple commands for pattern instructions

  • Transition altitude was high, its 2500ft above aerodrome level so since kdal is like 450ft, 3000ft I think would be better

  • The descend to pattern altitude wasnt needed because I was at transition altitude coming in for landing and I have to descend to land lol


In my experience you seem to have a VERY solid grasp of ATC procedures and just need practice to get better…


Thanks alot!
I need to brush up my skills so that I can apply for IFATC
Thanks for coming!

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You have a really solid foundation just some touch ups, I also forgot from my comment above also on that go around, it was very late (I intentionally did that) make sure to monitor aircrafts speeds and if you have doubts send them on a go around they will most likely do this on your Practical exam.


Hey everyone!
I passed my written exam
I will be opening tomorrow so be on the look out!

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You must have one amazing recruiter 🙃


Yeah I do. I think his name is Gom Tollman or something like that


Everyone I am now open at ZSPD for about 1and a half hours
Patterns allowed!

Question for you, what would be the transition for an airport at 600ft ASL?

About 3,000-3,500ft

3000 is too low, 3500 is correct.

Unfortunately it was only me in that session, so I can’t test the sequencing/go around part, have you got the basics on sequencing?

Yes I am great at it

Now closed

Everybody I passed my IFATC practical!
Thanks to everybody from my old thread, and this one here for coming to my sessions.
Big thanks to @Michael_O_Sullivan, @lurker and @DaniCP for being regulars at my sessions. Huge thanks to @anon66442947 for being an amazing recruiter!


Congratulations!! Welcome to the team.