Plane_geek_101 ATC Tracking Thread [Closed@YSSY!]

Now Open! Stop by for patterns!

Where you at?

KFLL Fort Lauderdale

i’m n561jv in the tbm!

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  1. You do not need to give the pattern instruction after take off. You gave the pattern when takeoff was requested.
  2. Transitions: If your pattern altitude is 1000-1500 AGL, add 500-1000 ft for spacing and KFLL is 62ft AGL, you can have people transition at 2500-3000 ft
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ok thank you

Great job. Great sequencing. Using the speed commands is not the best way to do spacing, the go around was my fault but you handled that properly giving me a pattern and clearance again. I figured he was doing a touch and go and would have been off of the runway.

Two more observations:

  1. you DO need to give a pattern to follow after I re-entered the airspace and requested touch and goes. “N561JV, number 1, cleared for the option runway 10L, after the option, make left/right traffic”
  2. Watch for the slow down <60kts to give a runway exit instruction, if you miss it, just say “contact ground”

Thank you!


Ok thanks alot! do you want to go for a different airport?

Good job. I was E438.

The same as @lurker says.
Thanks for the patterns.

Yes. I keep forgetting that. Thanks for stopping by!

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Now open at PHNL, Honolulu Intl! Stop by for some patterns!

Well done for the go-around when @DaniCP was on the runway and I was speeding on final. You corrected all your mistakes in your sequencing. Your clearences were good. Good give way commands. You correctly gave me exit command. Did you notice that MAGMA99 made a runway incursion? Quite a bit of his plane was over the hold short for 8L when he was in line for takeoff. Also he taxi’d before he had asked for permission, he sort of did it on the move. There are commands to tell people off! After i asked for runway change to 8R you forgot to give me a left/right direction in the landing clearence. All minor stuff really. On the whole good effort. Best wishes


Thanks so much!

I gave quite a few “tell people off” commands before you joined, and of course, he didn’t listen to me. Also I didn’t bother when he made the incursion because 1.) it was very busy, and 2. he would’ve probably just ignore me and continue with is business. But sorry about that.

Thanks again for stopping by!

I’m sitting on runway on purpose… Sended my feedback via PM, but the same as @Michael_O_Sullivan said.

Good job!


It was my pleasure. Glad you noticed his incursion. If that happens on your test be sure to make it known that you have noticed and send someone around if necessary. IFATC folks notice everything! Good luck

thanks! see you!

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Now Open at KSAN/SAN!
Please stop by for pattern work!

I just want a little bit more practice/ feed back so friendly criticism is welcome!

Hey there! I was infinite flight 852, you generally did a good job (I crashed on my go around which was just a stupid mistake of mine oopsie)

-pushback and taxi 👍
-‘already instructed to change frequency’ 👍👍 I was testing to see if you knew that!
-sequencing and clearance: generally okay but don’t forget to add where the traffic is (base, final, etc.)
-Don’t clear someone for takeoff if there is someone within 3-4 nm final. Remember it takes time for planes to get on the runway! Never try and squeeze in as many departures as you can, always prioritise spacing. I was 2nm from landing when you cleared the air India for takeoff, which was far too close, making you have to send me around.

Good luck with IFATC!

There was nobody infront of you so you were number one i believe

Thanks for the feed back!

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