Plane_geek_101 ATC Tracking Thread [Closed@YSSY!]

Im am trying to become apart of IFATC.

I will be working Ground and Tower at YSSY/SYD(Sydney Kingsford Smith) airport for an hour. 2300Z-0000Z

Total ATC Ops-1,918

Feel free to stop by for some pattern work!

Hope to see you there!

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I will fly for you. Will be along shortly

Thanks! see you!

Did your app crash?

Access to live server went off. OK, so when a pilot declares remaining in the pattern all you have to do is to assign the direction of the pattern (Always bear in mind the terrain). You do not need to give additional pattern instructions as I am already in the pattern. You only need to give pattern instructions to those who are calling inbound and runway change requests. So correct sequence for me should have been cleared for take off, make left /right traffic. Then you clear for the option (no need to assign direction. Unless you wish me to change the direction). If it was a runway change or inbound for touch and go you do assign a direction in the landing clearence. Your transition at 2,000 ft was too low. You have to think of the pattern altitude of the airport and then 1000ft vertical separation to safely transit the airspace. Hope this helps.

Ok thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure I do this next time. Do you want to go for another round, or no?

I can stop by

ok see you there

Good job & thank you.

  1. After I switched runways you properly gave me a pattern entry. Usually you would give a pattern to stay in with the clearance for the option for the first landing. “ N561jv cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic”

  2. Extend upwind is a good way to give spacing for takeoffs. What you were missing is that you did not do any sequencing. “Number 2 behind the pilot on left downwind” would have been all you needed to say and I would know to stay behind G-Man. If you had a plane holding short to take off you could have told me to extend or that you would call my base. The speed commands are also not a great as tower atc, they are best used to help with spacing.
    The sequencing menu has a lot of options in it so you should practice that.

  3. You should do your clearances earlier like when the plane turns downwind. Usually you give a sequence then you give clearance.

I hope this helped.

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Thanks for the feedback. I was going to say “number 2 behind traffic on left downwind”, but I thought I would include “Number 2” in your clerance for the option

You can do it with both.

That was better. I think you need to look up the sequencing tutorials on you tube. When you have more than 1 aircraft in airspace you need to sequence people and tell them who they are following. Eg, G-MAN number two, traffic to follow is on left base. That means I know where I am in the pattern and you don’t have to say extend downwind or anything like that because I know who I’m following. Also you have a bad habit of clearing the traffic on final, that’s late for pattern work. You can clear as early as crosswind, I tend to do it on downwind.
Get this stuck in your head: Sequence then clear, sequence then clear, sequence then clear then everyone in the airspace knows what’s going on. Good exit commands on the runway and good catching that go - around.

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Ok. Thanks

I noticed you were not controlling at FACT anymore.
So I changed your thread’s title to [CLOSED] to avoid others spawning for you. Please keep it up-to-date.

And…happy controlling 😊

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Thanks. I guess Im pretty bad at this then. Would you want to have another go late or tomorrow or something?

You aren’t bad, you are learning. It may seem that we are being picky, but IFATC doesn’t take any prisoners so you have to be top notch. I won’t be flying for the next few days as I work nights in a hospital but I will keep an eye out for you and fly when I can.

yeah I understand the professionalism needed with IFATC so I get it

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I’m about if you wanted to re-open, but if you haven’t already strongly recommend you watch the tutorials here:

Lots of key points in the videos you need to know for IFATC


Sure I can reopen for a redo

Actually Im going to switch to a different airport