Plane Gaining speed on descent

Ok so I don’t know if this is a bug or not but I’ve been getting speed violations especially during decent. I was on a decent and had speed set to 240. Went away came back a few seconds later I have a violation and my speed was at 260 even with spoilers set to flight… Does anyone have an issue with plane picking up speed during descent. I was descending at 1400. That’s not a steep decent. I’m now stuck in training server and been trying to get back to grade 4 for weeks

Hmm. Peculiar. Maybe increase in flaps will help?

What aircraft were you flying?

Make sure you set spoilers if you’re on a rapid descent ;) if you are in an airliner I reccomend descending at -1600- -1800 VS if you would like to maintain a constant speed ;)!

He has spoilers set.

MD 11 but it has happened in alot of the B700 planes


Make sure flaps and spoilers are retracted.

Maybe increase pitch to decrease angle of attack and therefore drag.

Flaps at 9000 feet? I don’t know how realistic that is

Be careful with your VS on descent. Many contributing factors come into play here. Weight, wind, VS…


I don’t have the update yet, so I personally don’t know. However, the other comments say to use flaps, which I recommend as well, start off at the lowest option, reduce speed more, and continue adding more flaps.

I had 0 flaps but spoilers were out. It wasn’t even a steep decent and I was below landing weight

You always start retracting your flaps starting at 10,000 feet. Seeing that they aren’t retracted, there is your issue.

What was he particular aircraft? Some aircraft are in need of a rework and a simple descent could be a nose dive for that type of aircraft eg A330 A340 ;)

When I descend faster than usual, I start with the lowest option first, that helps and is used in the real world at times

Many will find that the new planes are larger than the others and will pick up speed much more easily descending.

Descend with your flaps, spoilers, speed well under the limit, and plan your descent much much sooner at a lower rate.


The testing team has spent countless hours testing the MD-11 and although it flies different than other aircraft I’d suggest a slower descent IAS. 240 below 10,000 feet is a bit much and puts you really close to the 250 knot threshold.


Ok thanks for the suggestion. I have never had problems but lately it seems to be an issue. It just unnerving that I can’t leave my phone during decent for fear of overspending

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I have noticed that when above 28,000 feet, when you’re descending, your speed is set to the Mach number instead of KIAS. As you lose altitude, in order to retain that Mach number, your KIAS goes up, which causes this to happen.

I guess you are right. Something with the algorithms definitely feels different but welcomed. I had the problem before the update also so I guess it has to do with my execution on descent. I use a descent calculator so I’m usually spot on with my approaches. Thanks for all suggestions