Plane freezes during long haul flight

Hi I am an aviation enthusiast and really enjoy Infinite Flight a lot. However I was flying with a Boeing 777 with the ANA airline on a flight from Mexico City to Narita Airport (Japan) it’s a very long flight (15 hours) and after flying for 4 hours, without touching the IPad the plane froze and nothing happened so I ended the flight a bit sad…why does this happened?

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Hey. Welcome to the community! It’s great to have you here! Regarding your post, sorry to hear this. To attempt to fix this, you can restart your device prior to each flight, lower the graphics, lower your brightness, and use the in game low power mode, however it isn’t an ideal solution, nor a guaranteed fix. The devs are also aware of increased crashing/freezing and are looking into it. This may be related to your issue and if so, please allow them some time to work out a fix. Your patience is much appreciated!

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