Plane floating on runway

I made a Timelapse video from the event in Chicago yesterday ( and there you can see that most planes are floating o taxi and runway. Any one now the reason :D ?

While looking at the video, it looks like the reason they floated onto the runway, is probably due to your internet connection.

Make sure your connection is good, and at full bars for less connection issues.

You better delete the video or keep it private as it’s not good advertisement for IF. Sort your internet connection. :)

Nothing wrong with it. It happens from time to time. No need to delete the video.

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That shouldn’t affect anything with advertisement. Besides, @xxcjankelTM isn’t subject to IFLLC in this case, as no laws are being broken.

Why is this a bad advertisment for IF??? Its just maybee a bug anyway a great video to show how many players are enjoy the game… Dont understand that :D

I got nothing against glitch/bug and I always watched funny video of fsx or gtv5. I was pointing out no need to promote as this is normal in IF when actual problem is so small, that’s all, not big deal.

Sorry ppl sending me pm explaining that everyone right to post video…chill peeps, it’s merely my opinion about promoting the video. End of the day it’s up to him. No need to point gun at me.

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