Plane error

iPhone 11 IOS 16 only so far Sofia is the only one with issues

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Do you not have pro it looks like? You can’t fly that aircraft without a subscription.

I do not have pro but I played this game pre global this plane was free with 20+ purchase

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Well thats why, you need to have pro in order to fly the B747 Sofia, unfortunately. Have a great day!

I have been playing since pre global and got this plane when I purchased IAP

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Well unfortunately you can’t purchase a specific plane anymore, you need a subscription.

You don’t understand do you before global came out I was able to purchase aircraft. I purchased over 20+ items on the store. The SOFIA plane was locked saying free with 20+ purchases. Since I purchased more then 20 items it unlocked for me and I was able to use it yesterday

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I have been saying this over and over, you CANT purchase a specific aircraft anymore. Sorry I don’t know what to tell you.

I know that I don’t think you played before global came out.

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I downloaded IF in May 2021! I guess I didn’t really know!

In-App Purchase Changes 2018 18.2

In an effort to simplify our pricing model, we have now made all paid planes part of the Pro subscription. Moving forward we decided to move away from In-App Purchases for our aircraft the same way we did for scenery when we first released global. All “paid” aircraft are now only available through our Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

Note: If you have purchased aircraft in the past, don’t worry. You’re grandfathered in, and those aircraft will remain available to you whether or not you have an active Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

There are a couple of reasons for this change:

  • It greatly simplifies our process to release new content on both Android and iOS, even allowing us to release new aircraft without requiring an app update.

I purchased aircraft before this update came out

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I played since 2017

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Probably just some issue, even if you bought the plane already before. Just PM a moderator and they can help.

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