Plane Engines

Hey :) I think it could be fun with a plane engine disussion thread :D

Which engine do you guys prefer, Sound, brand. and openion on relaibility ?

Allways liked General Electrics myself :P


The Rolls-Royce Trent XWB and the CFM LEAP are nice.


Havnt listented to many CFM engines yet, did first know them here today xD

The CFM56 are the most common engines in the industry.

Rolls Royce get the gold for me. Their engines look terrific on all aircraft but the 747 Classics.

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Alllll ways RR for me

I don’t know much about engines, but I love the GE 90 <3 .They look so nice on the Boeing B777-300ER!


I like the sound of the 737’s engine if they will be started during pushback. There is no better sound than that!

Don’t know much about engines, other than RR’s engine factory is 10 miles from me. The Trent is a river about 10 miles in the other direction.

GEnx for the win!

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Kind of old school, but I like the JT8D. Nice engine, especially on the Boeing 737-200. :)


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I like the Pratt and Whitney Canada PW100 family of engines, personally. Especially on a Dash 8. And its “Made in Canada”.

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Never been fan of Pratt & Whitney xD Noticed they have problems :(

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GE ftw :D hehe crazy to stand in front of that engine xD

I would love to be that guy standing in front of it :D
Too bad no 777s approach SXM :P

Haaaha 😂😂😂 Power of plane enginesxD

Actually they do, Seasonally I think an Alitalia 772 lands at SXM

That engine noise. MMM

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Takeoff too