Plane Elevator Problem

Lately my planes will not takeoff or go up or down because the elevators won’t work. I deleted the game and redone loaded it to see if that worked but it still won’t go up on down.

Are you using a joystick, or are you using your phone?

Which device are you using?
And what is your infinite flight version?

Can a regular pop it in #support so Schyllberg can work his magic. Thanks.

In addition to answering the questions above (Device, Joystick, App version. etc) can you answer the following?

  • Are you using ANY auto-pilot while taking off?
  • Can you provide a video of you taking off so we can see?
  • While you are parked at the gate in an external camera do you see your elevators move when you move the device forward and backwards?
  • Does it happen on other planes or just one?

Most of the time when I hear about this it is because people set the altitude and press the auto pilot button but it locks the VS in at 0 so you are fighting it. Make sure your VS is not locked (ap is off) when taking off.

I am just saying these are suggestions. I mean I am not as magical as Schyllberg so what do I know…


Look at your settings. Go to controls.

Do you have the settings correct?

If not, tap reset controls on the bottom left side.

Hello. You need to restart your device to solve this issue.

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