Plane editing software

I just spotted at KAUS and I’m in need of a editing guide for planes. Anyone know videos or softwares that are good to edit aviation pictures. Idk what I’m saying but yeah.

Hey, @Paradox!

Feel free to check out Andrew’s guide; it’s super informative and helpful!

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I use Lightroom Classic along with a lot of different spotters I’ve met. It’s simple to use, it does cost a subscription though of about $10 USD a month but also comes with photoshop and a couple of other programs if you ever need them (or there’s a yearly sub I believe).

Darktable is a freeware editing software that you also can use, has the same functionality.

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plus there’s a student package. I have the whole Adobe Suite for 30 bucks a month I believe

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Not Free

Lightroom Classic:
For much more basic editing. Is good at organization (album making etc) and is better for low-spec computers and light tasks.

One of the most popular, provides a professional editing experience and is a fast to use and fast to learn software. Consumes quite some CPU and will cost quite a bit.

The elite of the elite, you can do everything in this, but is very intimidating and hard to learn the thousands of features. Is the same price as LR.


Essentially a Photoshop but free, but IMO is harder to learn to use. It is free and does not require much computing power.

Darktable: Lightroom’s sketchy uncle that still gets the job done and is completely free.

Free, very easy to use and requires little to no CPU. Has great functions and is my personal favorite for the free category. However, it has very little support forums online.

Please note that LR mobile, Snapseed, Canva, PS Express and many other mobile alternatives are free and will get the job done most of the time.

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