Plane drifts on rwy when touching down

so when I touch down sometimes I plane sort of skids of the runway and I cant use the rudder because the rudder doesn’t work here it doesn’t turn the plane at all wich means I’m helpless as my plane drifts off the runway at like 120 kts, anyone know what to do here?

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What is your speed when you land?

Also, which plane does this occur on?

usually normal landing speed approx 140-150 knots sometimes lower on the 787-9

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If you adjust your yaw with the rudder just before touching down, or before your nose gear have touched down you won’t have any problems.

They’ve made changes to the rudder to make it easier to make crosswind takeoffs/landings. I suggest you align up with the runway using the rudder prior to touch down so you end up being on the center line. At lower speeds, you get more control over the rudder. Just make sure when you touch down you a lot of rudder input to stay centered.
If you need more help on how to make a crosswind landing, here’s a video.

If you run some tests you will see that the nose gear is fixed but the rudder will still move as this all based on the speed you are traveling on the ground. After slowing or before reaching a certain speed (roughly 60-80) you will notice that the the nose gear will then be able to turn or not turn based on acceleration or deceleration. This is more realistic and once you get used to it you will love it.

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I also figured out that while I was doing test runs, I was above maximum landing wait


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