Plane drifting glitch

Every time I have this glitch and I do because my in-game yoke is a Little bit broken. My plane goes crazy and I bate. If someone knows the solution, tell me.

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I think you already know the solution just buy a new yoke. Also you might wanna reduce your graphics.

Hope that helps.

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Can you provide us your device details, and OS? Things to make sure:

  1. Your current OS is up to date
    If this is not correct, then please be sure to UPDATE IT in your settings.
  2. You are using the updated version of IF, which is 17.something
    If this is not true, then go into the App Store/Google Play Store and search Infinite Flight. Click the Update button.
  3. You have restarted your phone.
    If this isn’t true, restart your phone!
  4. You calibrate your phone every time you fly.
    If you don’t, then go to the pause menu in IF, and hit “Calibrate Device”.

Happy flying!

If you sway side to side as you speed up you sometimes you will drift it is shown in Swiss001s video. Your yoke might be turning you without you doing anything because it’s broken.

Swiss001s video it’s the first glitch he shows.

Please don’t tell me you watch Swiss001


I don’t my brother showed me.


Do have “Auto Coordination” on in your settings? It couple the ailerons and rudder when your are on ground.

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What’s wrong with watching him?

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He is just anyonying to lots of people.


How bout we stop drifting off topic and give the man some time to respond?

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Hello @DinnerAlex1235 and welcome to the forum!

First off,he said in-game yoke

Also is this on the ground, because I know what you are talking about… This is a common glitch that smaller light weight aircrafts have… The solution is dont taxi above 35 kts and move your yoke no more then 90 degrees. Whats happening is you are taxiing at a faster rate, a high banked turn will cause your aircraft to spin out of control. (This is if on the ground) The solution would be , have your takeoff flaps enabled when taxiing and when taxiing above 30 kt on any small aircraft, first, when you are about to turn quickly enable your brakes and, do not bank anywhere from 90 degrees.

(If in the air however, that’s another problem that probably requires a moderators attention)

Here are some questions I Have:

When does this happen?
What Do You Currently have Enabled When This Happens
Have you expirenced any winds during your flight?
What do you mean by little and whats the problem besides the drift

When you have a response, let me know and I will most likely know the problem… Android experiences a lot more bugs on the lower models.

Based on your previous topics, I’m fairly sure this is the floating point bug.

It’s a known issue where your aircraft can begin to behave like this if you fly to far from your point of origin. It’s not something that will be fixed in the older version, but have been fixed in the Global branch.

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