Plane drifting away from centreline on final approach.

@Airborne_Canuck… MaxSez: What Aircraft (Turbine or Recip). “Rudder” by itself does not in itself adjust drift or yawl. It’s a Rudder/Aileron combination to be effective. Plus a landing requires 2 evolutions a “Round Out” and “Flare”. What’s your procedure? No wind?

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I can understand you very well cause I’m suffering from the same issue even though i use a joystick but as soon as I disconnect the AP; dancing starts even with minimal winds… Crosswinds would make a crab angle not a drift

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Have you tried to restore defaults in settings—> controls?

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To everyone here, The issue was resolved. It wasn’t a landing issue it it was that my sensitivity was too high and I wasn’t flying fast enough on final approach. This caused my aircraft to bank and stall sometimes.


Can I @ a mod somewhere to lock this thread since the issue has been resolved?

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140?! A 737 would land at 125-130 Knots :)

140 is like the 2,000ft - 500ft AGL approach speed.

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Happy Landings!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget that you can use the rudder to stay centered and it acts as a brake if you pull down on it.

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