Plane dots

I know there are a couple of threads with this topic, but they don’t address my question.

Why do other planes only have dots?? It’s difficult to identify them sometimes, especially on the taxi way.

PS: please direct me to the right thread if this was discussed before.

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Are the planes themselves dots (Can’t see the model)?

Please provide more information and a screenshot if possible. Then, you could get more help possibly-easier to have a visual than a verbal description

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I think I have seen this before. You are at an airport and in front of you is a plane dot with a name only. No actual plane. I think that is what the original poster was saying.

I have seen this and it usually means I need to reboot my device or my connection speed is slow. Especially if it is a busy airport. It could also be an issue with the invisible plane’s connection.

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Exactly @Chris_S, the 4 dots make a box shape. Even if my connection is good, I would still see other aircraft but there would also be dots.

I’m finding a way to get a picture and I’ll post it.

Yeah, usually I can max see 10 planes or so and the others are invisible. I’m on a iPhone 5s with fast wifi at home. I thought the app was designed this way? Or should every plans always be visible normally?

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Are you playing on cellular and is download other plane data on cellular turned off? I’ve seen this when I did a reinstall and the other planes weren’t downloaded to my phone yet. At least possibly I thought this to be the case. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Forgive me for hurting your eyes with the picture quality, I’ll get it right next time, but as you can see, planes 1 and 3 are dots, but 2 is visible.

What is the reason for this??

Are they too far away?

Plane 2 (middle one) looks like a plane versus a dot. The dots for the outer ones (1 and 3) may be to represent their general location, but not sucking up battery and cellular data by displaying the models

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Plane 3 had just took off and Plane 1 was following.

Your explanation makes sense. Maybe all aircrafts will be visible once I go Live+

In settings you have airplane dots turned on, so all planes will have them. One plane is loaded because it is close to you, the others are not because they are too far away

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Plane 2 will have probably been previously loaded, so it instead of plane 3 is visible at the time, even though 3 is closer to you.

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