Plane door =/= restroom door

This made for an interesting read. I always thought that the design of the door made it nearly impossible to open at that altitude due to the pressure difference? Maybe some real world pilots could chime in, I am curious.

We’ve deterinined it was stupidity in its purest form in another thread/poll about this

Thanks. Amazing that they banned him just for touching the door.

Reopening, this other topic was posted in a completely different category :)

Don’t close it-My other topic was only a poll, this is a discussion.

He’s from Alloa, they’re nae the brightest down there.

Well if that is a common aircraft door (probably is) it is meant to be physically larger than the door frame as the plane climbs the pressure outside forces the door back properly closed and in that way makes it impossible to open at 30.000ft

All external passenger doors on aircraft are of a plug design- as the fuselage pressurises the door ‘jams’ into the frame and can’t be opened without moving inwards first; i.e not at all. KLM’s’ response was perhaps a little excessive, but what’s even more frustrating is yet another media source playing up this incident and doing nothing to quell the speculative cries of ‘we were about to be sucked out of the plane’.

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