Plane doesn't spawn in the Middle!

if you can’t see what’s the problem,the plane spawns on the side of he runway instead of middle.
This happend today to me,
And it wasent like that yesterday?

Maybe is just a glitch, try to restart the game…

Can it be reproduced…or it’s a 1 time thing…I’ve never actually noticed.i rarely fly on solo

Please elaborate. :) What airport is this? Device information? How do you reproduce?

I think so this happend at every airport I spawned at today.

1.this happens at every airport I spawn at.
2.idk this happend just today.
3.iphone 6

Its the default runway spawning point for some runways.

What airport were you at when you took that picture?

It’s because for some reason, the runway markings aren’t lined up properly with the concrete. Technically, you’re in the center of the runway.

You’re right. There seems to be two runways on top of each other.

Holy cow! I didn’t even notice!

Appleton co airport
Oshkosh region

Ah, that’s why. There was a duplication error in airport data. That’s why there’s two runways.

I must admit the previous title was difficult to search. I almost made a duplicate
Anyway…KDEN here now totally off the runway…someone please comfirm this 35;16L/R not checked the others



I’m guessing you used APPR?

It looks like he just spawned there.

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