Plane Deviates From its Flight Plan

I took off from YSSY yesterday at 00:00 EST and was heading to FAOR. I can confirm that I used a goof FPL and I enabled NAV mode. However it seems that my 747 just headed towards the South more than needed and started doing circles. I’m uploading some pictures right now to show but for right this second here’s what liveflight says.

Note: Right now I corrected its heading to resume back if you’re wondering why its no longer doing that circles a minute before that.

Device: IPad (2017)
IOS 12.1.1

How close were your waypoints? If they were very close on a sharp turn it would be near impossible to make the successful turn

That’s very weird. Only logical answer is you put heading mode which would cause the plane to turn as you got closer to Antarctica. But, like you said you put NAV on, so I have no clue.

Good amount of space apart, I used a simbrief FPL

They were normal.

Can you send the FLP you used so I can get a better idea of what plan you used?

Again I can fully confirm NAV was on since IFA handled my TOC ans speeds.

Yep will do mate

He’s south of Australia on Live Flight, look there.

I would like to see his flight plan so I can put it in on my personal account and see what it looked like

Note: In the first picture this is what it looked like before my input, this was one waypoint after TOC

After Input

So when did your aircraft started flying south? After departure? Right in the middle?

By itself or before I left it?

When did this happen?

Are you totally sure you hit the NAV button? It looks as if you got caught doing circles over the magnetic South Pole, which is what would happen if you had a southbound heading selected.

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Ah well I went to bed after reaching TOC, it was supposed to be an over night flight.

Yep I’m very positive that NAV was enabled because IFA was controlling my speeds after (I used its VNAV feature)

The only explanation for that happening (without there being a bug) is that NAV wasn’t selected and you accidentally hit the HDG button instead. Are you absolutely positive you selected NAV? It’s not that I don’t believe you, I just need to be 100% this is an issue before bringing it up :)

Yeah, I know what you’re saying mate but I’m fully sure because I enabled IFA and it took me to TOC and was adjusting my speeds as to what simbrief gave me.

I’m not sure if this will kind of help with the situation in trying to explain but ehm yeah. Ehm is this what you’re kind of looking for @ewanfleming?

Could you try and reproduce this in your own time with everything being exactly the same (FPL, aircraft, etc.), with screenshots? Happy to dig into this if we can confirm it :)