Plane design and Liveries vs. Terrain, Buildings, Features

I’m really surprised to see a lot of people asking for liveries or improved plane design and animation (like gear tilt or flex wings).

I mean, of course it’s nice to have beautiful planes, but IMHO I think IF gets a bit “unbalanced”, especially on “middle-class” devices. I would rather have equally designed planes and building and terrain and no gear tilt than a beautiful plane on a medium terrain with great taxiways but no buildings. I’m really talking about balancing between different graphic elements of the game and features.

Of course, I know FDS team is working hard on improving the whole stuff, and they’re doing an AWESOME job, and that’s why I’m supporting them with my annual subscription, but I wonder what you guys prefer, so I made a poll : if you could pick one, what would it be ?

Disclaimer : I’m not judging at all, I’m just really interested into knowing what you guys are waiting from such a sim, compared to others like Aerofly, or X-Plane

  • Beautiful planes and liveries (with wing flex, gear tilt, and stuff)
  • Buildings (at least on airports)
  • Better terrain (realistic textures and accurate shape)
  • Realistic features : APU, engine start procedure, failures,

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Gear Tilt is my most wanted feauture and it’ll always be my most wanted feature… :)

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Haha, ok but why ? for screenshots ?

I just love it, it makes the planes look 100% better. It’s also amazing for landing.
Not only for screenshots… I mean… look at the A330 with Gear Tilt and without, or the A340,747 etc …

Can this be a multiple poll, if you can’t edit, just ask me to make one.

No :) I want you to pick only one

Better terrain of course, these squares don’t look modern at all


I agree ! And I would love to do some VFR, even with just satellite textures

Definitely nicer sceneries. They are crap and werent updated since 2011. I would really like to see some improvement map-wise :)


Why is everyone always forgetting about the lighting in the game…i mean once global is out…bugs get fixed…get better lighting…Taxiway lights,3D working Taxi lights…brighter landing lights from turnoff lights on the plane to the advanced runway landing system,strobes,wing lights, logo lights,beacon, stars,Moon,city lights,flood lights,…and the list goes on…infinite flight would be 99.99%perfect to me…this is a feature whose roots have grown really deep


You’re right, lighting can be improved … but we will only notice it when there’s global flight and time :)

Exactly mate!I’m honestly fed up of not being able to fly at night…and once global is out…i would hate changing time like it is now…i want to take off in the morning and land somewhere around midnight…without changing the time manually


I agree with you! Airport lights, taxi lights and city lights must be added!

Once I landed on a gate in Live at night time…

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Hopefully also current time sunrise/set.

They argued why they didn’t add that i can’t recall where but I’ll be insanely dissapointed if the time isn’t 24hours round one global is out

Thanks for your responses ! Looks like realistic features win over beauty of airplanes or terrain, or even buildings, that’s interesting

LOL how could you i hope it wasn’t expert server!

It wasn’t… 😂 It was in the Casual Server about one year ago… I was 67% standing and was landing at KSFO… After that I barely used night time mode… It might of also just been my phone brightness…

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Hehe lol…atlease you would have see there was no runway lights…I wonder what those who were watching you thought "assuming their time was day"that’s why i vote fore a standard time for all on live…not now though!the forum will go messy accusing devs for that…even themselves can’t agree to implement this

That’s a difficult one. One of the reasons why I like IF so much is the amazing variety of airlines and planes. But airport terminals and buildings would be awesome. Realistic procedures would be okay. (APU and engine star-up definitely). And, unless I’m misinterpreting something, didn’t the teaser photos for global show realistic terrain? My two cents. I voted for realistic planes in the poll, btw.